Road Safety with Gazprom Credit Card!

NIS Gazprom Neft and COFUS Assistance & Consulting have prepared an additional service for our corporate clients under the title “Roadside Assistance”.
Should you experience, during your driving, vehicle failure, traffic accident, damage or any other unexpected event, call Customer Centre COFUS Assistance and you will be provided adequate assistance as soon as possible.  In case of a minor failure, your vehicle will be repaired on the spot, otherwise, the vehicle will be transported either to the servicing facility or to your home.  In addition, you and your fellow passengers will be provided transport and accommodation if the vehicle cannot be repaired for further travel the same day.  Furthermore, depending on the duration of repair, the service will also include provision of a replacement vehicle.
Moreover, the service "Roadside Assistance“ also provides a series of service information - information on road conditions, weather, the best road directions to the destination, toll amount, etc.
You may opt for one of 3 packages, differentiated according to the coverage of costs of roadside assistance service, according to your business requirements.
Assistance service users may obtain direct discounts when buying at COFUS Assistance, partner discount in the country and abroad.  The services are valid only for passenger vehicles as a 24/7/365 service at the whole territory of Serbia and Europe.
Cooperation of the companies NIS Gazprom Neft and COFUS Assistance & Consulting results from the commitment to our corporate clients' safety since your safety is our concern.
For more information or description of the services, as well as usage requirements within the assistance service "Roadside Assistance", please follow the link: Roadside Assistance.