Paketomat - Your shipment at Your time

The modern lifestyle dictates a fast pace and requires constant movement!

In cooperation with the D Express courier service, we have created an innovative and unique service in the field of courier services in Serbia.

PAKETOMAT service allows you to pick up your shipment at petrol station when it suits you:




List of petrol stations, where the service is available, click here:

The box that holds your package will open automatically. Pick up your package from the PAKETOMAT box.

Close the box after picking up the package.

Enter the mobile phone number to which you received the message with the CODE.

Enter the CODE manually or scan the QR CODE, and then press the "CONFIRM" key.

Press the "PICK UP PACKAGE” key.

If you have selected the option "Payment after delivery" when ordering, you will need to pay for the delivery service at the petrol station.

Save the CODE you've received via SMS or the QR CODE via Viber.

Select a delivery option at our petrol station.

Choose delivery via or via companies' websites, which use deliver services from D Express.

How to pick up your package with PAKETOMAT service?

See you at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.