New french pastries!

francusko pecivo

New pastries for new pleasures

The offer of fresh and tasty pastries at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations is even bigger!


It is enriched with a delicious selection of French croissants and other delicious and crunchy pastries that you can enjoy at as many as 57 petrol stations across the country..

New pastries you must try: almond croissant, raspberry croissant, vanilla croissant, chocolate hazelnut croissant, butter croissant, croissant with seeds, grape snail, apple pastry, Danish pastry with chocolate, raspberry donut, and donut chocolate.

Join us at our petrol stations and brighten up your day with some of the delicious pastries from our expanded offer.

The list of petrol stations where you can find new French pastries:

Spisak BS