Opti fuels


OPTI PETROL 95 is a 95-octane gasoline with additives. It was designed as a blend of Euro Premium BMB 95 produced in NIS refinery in Pančevo and specially formulated additive of one of the world's leading manufacturers. The standard gasoline is enhanced with a high-performance additive to obtain the fuel which, when used on a regular basis, contributes to reduced fuel consumption, less frequent engine failures, and optimum engine protection.  


Due to its performance, OPTI BENZIN 95 can help optimise fuel consumption and achieve savings in the long run. This effect is to be expected, considering that OPTI PETROL 95 decreases time necessary to restart the engine, by providing enough engine power to get optimum engine RPMs. It is important to note that fuel economy depends on a number of other factors as well, hence the degree of savings will also be affected by tire condition, vehicle load, driving style.


A careful selection of additive in the composition of OPTI PETROL 95 ensures a product of optimum performance which, among other things, helps remove impurities from the engine. Other additive components also produce a beneficial effect, by reducing friction between the metal parts, minimizing wear and tear, which, in combination, help to extend the engine life.

OPTI BENZIN 95 with additives can be safely used with the previously purchased gasoline, which remained in the fuel tank.



Gazprom has enhanced its portfolio of fuels with additives, and now, instead of standard Euro Diesel, Gazprom petrol stations offer OPTI DIESEL with additives.

OPTI DIESEL is Euro Diesel with additives formulated from Euro Diesel produced in NIS modernised refinery in Pančevo and a high-performance additive of one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The specially formulated optimum composition provides engine protection and improves engine performance.


OPTI DIESEL fuel is formulated primarily to help clean your engine, and thus ensures more efficient and stable engine operation, preserves the original engine characteristics, and ensures optimum performance.


As opposed to the standard Euro Diesel, OPTI DIESEL contains an additive complex designed to remove impurities from the key engine components. This enhanced product formula, provided regular use, will improve fuel supply and contribute to lower friction in the system.

In addition, OPTI DIESEL fuels provide for efficient corrosion protection. By protecting the engine and preserving its functionalities, OPTI DIESEL will have a beneficial effect on a prolonged engine life, reduce failures, and enable savings in the long run.

OPTI DIESEL fuels can be safely used with the previously purchased gasoline, which remained in the fuel tank.

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