G-Drive Diesel


The quality of motor fuel directly affects engine performance and its life expectancy, as well as quality of driving experience. Gazprom petrol stations have broadened their offer with top quality fuel products: G-Drive 100, a high quality 100-octane gasoline with additives, and G-Drive Diesel, a premium diesel fuel.

G-Drive is an international fuel brand developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field of advanced fuels, guaranteeing the highest quality petroleum products for our customers.

Gazprom petrol stations are part of an international brand of well-equipped and modern petrol stations, which have become synonymous with quality fuel products and services. Try G-Drive fuels and enjoy the excellent service at all Gazprom petrol stations in Serbia, in larger towns and along major roads.



Every winter, we pay special attention to fuel. This is mainly because drivers may have problems starting their diesel cars in sub-zero temperatures.
Diesel engines are more sensitive, because low temperatures cause the formation of wax crystals, turbidity and thickening of diesel fuel, which can hinder vaporization and combustion, blocking the flow of fuel and causing trouble with starting your vehicle.

G-Drive diesel is enriched with additives that ensure optimal functionality of your car even if the temperatures drop to -30°C*.
In addition to being highly reliable in cold weather, G-Drive diesel increases the efficiency of fuel combustion, ensures easier start and increased engine power and operation stability.

*-30°C is the cold filter plugging point (CFPP), i.e. the lowest temperature at which G-Drive diesel fuel still passes through the fuel filter under laboratory conditions. The maximum CFPP, according to the standard for diesel fuels (SRPS EN 590), is -10°C in winter conditions, which means that the cold filter plugging point of G-Drive diesel fuel exceeds the value required by the standard. The benefits of G-Drive diesel in cold weather depend on the general condition of your vehicle and may vary due to the age of the vehicle, poor quality engine oil, the condition of (fuel, oil, air) filtration devices and antifreeze in your car.
G-Drive diesel will protect your vehicle and prevent all inconvenient situations in unpredictable winter conditions.



G-Drive Diesel is a premium diesel fuel that provides a new power to your vehicle and gives you a better feeling while driving!

A synergy of active components that clean the engine and a fuel complying with Euro-5 quality standard helps increase the power of your engine up to 7,8%.

When fuel combusts, impurity deposits are formed, which negatively affect the engine performance. Regular use of G-Drive Diesel increases engine efficiency and reliability, and extends its life. G-Drive Diesel fuel increases the fuel flow through injection nozzles, which results in more efficient fuel distribution and greater engine power, and enhances your driving experience.


​In addition to extra power, G-Drive Diesel contributes to a more stable engine performance, better agility and quieter operation. Higher cetane number allows for a more efficient fuel combustion and improved engine performance. 

Improved performance and extra power provide a dynamic and comfortable driving. 



During combustion, fuel creates impurities that prevent the engine from developing its full power. Consequently, the risk of engine malfunction increases. That is why we added an active cleaning component to G-Drive Diesel, which eliminates accumulated deposits of dirt. In this way the risk of malfunction is reduced and the lifespan of engine is extended. 


Active anti-corrosive component makes G-Drive Diesel a fuel of premium quality. With consistent use of G-Drive Diesel fuel the spreading of corrosion is stopped, while with new cars the risk of corrosion is virtually non-existent. This way, your vehicle is protected and safe, alowing you to enjoy your ride with one care less..

* Injection nozzles, engine and metallic parts are illustrated.